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gear 142689

gear 142689

  cummins assembly parts gear,gear use for carriage engine , gear of automotive diesel , gear for automobile cummins
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    gear 142689
    cummins assembly parts gear,gear use for carriage engine , gear of automotive diesel , gear for automobile cummins

    142689 gear of cummins diesel engine

    207259 gear of cummins diesel engine

    3004262 gear of cummins diesel engine



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    are used for the following engines:

    142689 Cummins gear is used for the following Engines:
    BJ374-mining dump truck-NT855-C250
    BELAZ -540(A)-mining truck-NTA855-C360
    250kW-generating set-NTA855-G2(BCⅢ)
     Chinese general service ship-NT855-M270
     Chinese general service ship-NT855-M300
    Passenger ships, fishing boats and other general service ship-NTA855-M350
    HY5380TJCD-Special vehicle chassis-NTA855-C360(BCⅢ)
    HY5230TJCD-Special vehicle chassis-NT855-C250
    CQ30290-camion-(-rear-mounted supercharger-)NTCR-290
    250kW-marine generating machine-NTA855-G2(M)(BC3)
    Yishan-T180 -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    BJZ3480T-mining truck-NTA855-C310(BCⅢ)
    Inner Mongolia First Machinery Manufacturing Corporation,China-TY230 -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    WB320-Stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C360
    general service ship-NTA855-M320
    Changjiang crane plant,China-QY25-series-autocrane-NTC-290
    N1601 -railway crane-NT855-C250
    -Tianjin- WB-250 -road mixing machine-NTA855-C335
    Baoji Construction Machinery Factory,China-GCY290-railcar-NTA855-P400
    Lanzhou General machinery plant,China-HSC-60L-fracturing blender truck-NTA855-P400
    Changjiang Excavator Factory,China-R982hydraulic excavator-NTA855-C360
    (60Hz)-marine generating machine-NTA855-G1(M)
    60Hz -engine unit-NTA855-G1(60Hz)
    250kW-generating set-NTA855-G2(BCⅢ)
     Chinese general service ship-NT855-M240
    ZY-65-caterpillar loader-NT855-C280
    200kW-generating set-NTA855-G1
    200kW-marine generating machine-NTA855-G1(M)
    200kW-water cooling generating set-NTA855-G1(-water cooling-)
    Shenyang Shanhe Construction Machinery Factory,China-FL460-wheel loader-NTA855-C335
    300kW-generating set-NTA855-G4
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTC350
    -Tianjin Dingsheng WB-360 -stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C360
    ZGC35C-slag car-NT855-C250
    WB 400 -stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    WBL400 -stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    WBZ400 -stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Wuxi Huanrong Company-200kW-generating set-NTA855-G1
    240kW -generating set-NT855-G6
    Puyuan Group-QY20/25-series-autocrane-NT855-C250
    general service ship-NTA855-M400
    CQ32-type--rail crane-NTC-290
    -Shandong Highway Machinery Plant,China-WBY210-stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C360
    BJ374-mining dump truck-NT855-C250
    Antarctic station for special purposes-generating set-NTA855-G1
    Xuanhua mining machinery plant-KHN120-drill rig-NTA855-C360
    Shantui Plant- TY230(A) -second generation bulldozer-NT855-C280
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTC350
    Lianyungang Services Company-WA500-front end loader-NT855-C310
    Cummins Beijing Office generating set-NTA855-G2(BCⅢ)
    200kW-generating set-NTA855-G1
    BLZ7540-5-mining dump truck-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    220kW -generating set-NT855-G6
    HK -Port Floating Crane- NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Sichuan Road & Bridge Corporation,China-  ASR200G -fixed mixer- NT855-C250
    power driven diesel engine-NTA855-P320
    Singapore Cummins- 275kW-generating set-NTA855-G2(BCⅢ)
    Singapore Cummins- 220kW-generating set-NTA855-G1
    air compressor made by Nanjing air compressor company,China-NT855-C280
    XJ50 -workover rig-NTA855-P360
    200kW-generating set-NTA855-G1
    Yishan-TY160C -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    YC40 -Low-cab flat car-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Sichuan Automobile Factory,China- CQ4300 -Semi-traller tractor-NTC-350
    Sichuan Automobile Factory,China- CQ4300 -Semi-traller tractor-NTC-350
    SD8 -bulldozer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    WB400 -Mid-stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    250kW -marine generating machine-NTA855-G2(M)(BC3)(--pneumatic motor starting)
    WB21A -stabilized soil mixer-NTA855-C360(BCⅢ)
    JY360 -railcar-NTA855-C360(BCⅢ)

    Shanghai Pupeng machine factory,China-PD165Y -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    Huanghe- PY160 -ballgrader-NT855-C280


    Fujian Penghua-250-type-Impact Roller-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTC350
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTC350
    Huanghe- TY160 -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTCR-290 (BCⅢ)
    KLD95 -wheel loader modified-NT855-C335
    XZ-80 -autocrane-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Baoji Construction Machinery Factory,China-GCY300F -railcar-NTA855-L400(BCⅢ)
    Baoji Construction Machinery Factory,China-GC220 -railcar-NT855-L290 (BCⅢ)
    Baoji Construction Machinery Factory,China-GQ16C -rail crane-NT855-L290 (BCⅢ)
    BJZ3480T2-mining truck-NTA855-C335(BCⅢ)
    Ministry of Railways Wuhan machinery institute,China-VHF100-High-frequency hammer-NTA855-C400(BCⅢ)
    Yishan-TY200 -bulldozer-NT855-C280
    Southwest vehicle factory,China- XC4190 -container tractor--NTCR-290
    hydraulic excavator made by Anshan Iron & Steel--NT855-C280
    250kW-generating set-(For Xiangfan railcar plant,china use-)NTA855-G2(BCⅢ)
    JW-7-Orbit maintenance operation Cart-NTC-290
    Baoji Construction Machinery Factory,China-GC220 -railcar-NT855-L290 (BCⅢ)
    Xushui geophysical bureau- KZ-28 -vibrator vehicle-NTA855-C400
    Shengli Oilfield-50T-workover rig-NTA855-P360
    Test-used  Engine(Plateau)- NT855-C280 (BCⅢ)

    cummins gear cover 3960338

    cummins gear 3417775

    engine cover,front gear 3960338

    generator gear cover 4991037

    diesel gear cover 3960338

    generator front gear housing 3960338

    front gear housing 4991037

    engine cover,gear 4991037

    diesel housing gear 4991037

    cummins housing gear 4991037

    generator housing, gear 4973541

    auto housing, gear 3035946

    auto gear 3045873

    Construction gear 3004685

    generator gear 3004684

    engine gear 3004262

    diesel gear 207259

    gear 142689

    wagon gear KTTA19-C700 cummins diesel engine exhaust accessories

    wagon gear C8.3-300 diesel lever,rkr int transfer

    wagon gear C8.3-300 engine manifold exhauat

    wagon gear 4b3.9 cummins diesel engine hsg,flywheel

    wagon gear ISM cummins engine housing,flywheel assy

    wagon gear k50 diesel engine housing,flyweel

    wagon gear 6B5.9 diesel engine housing,flyweel

    wagon gear 6C8.3 cummins diesel housing flywheel

    wagon gear QSM11-C diesel cam follower and cover

    wagon gear 6B5.9 engine starter,motor assy

    wagon gear 6B5.9 cummins diesel bearing,conn rod

    wagon gear 4B4.5 diesel engine motor,starting

    wagon gear 6B5.9 cummins filter,bypass

    wagon gear QSK19 diesel engine cartridge,crn resistor

    wagon gear QSK19 cummins diesel engine bypass oil filter

    wagon gear k50 cummins bypass oil filter

    wagon gear L10 cummins engine pump,lub oil

    wagon gear 6C8.3 diesel engine pump,lub oil

    wagon gear N14 cummins engine pump water

    wagon gear QSK19 diesel pump fuel

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