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6B6.7S cummins,cummins diesel parts 6B5.9 spare detail pump,water  4891252

6B6.7S cummins,cummins diesel parts 6B5.9 spare detail pump,water 4891252

  pump,water 4891252 use for diesel , pump,lubricating oil of cummins diesel engine , pin,piston for cummins diesel engine , and other accessories use of Snow car B5.9-250E30 cummins diesel .
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Parameters on the product description below
    • ESN: 21669055
    • Application: equipment
    • vehicle
    • car
    • Snow car
    • bore-(mm): 102
    • Stroke-(mm): 120
    • bore&Stroke-mm[in]: 102x120mm[4.02x4.72cuin]
    • Displacement-[in³]: 359
    • Cylinders: 6
    • Fuel Pump CalCode: none
    • pump,lubricating oil: 4897481
    • pin,piston: 3934047
    • Flywheel housing: none
    • aftercooler: none
    • lever,rocker: 3937219
    • pan,oil: none
    • fuel consumption--(L/hr):15.9
    • engine length--(mm):1060
    • engine width--(mm):678
    • engine height--(mm):1201
    • engine Weight--(lb):940
    • pump,water 4891252
    • Model: B5.9-250E30
    • Series: 6B5.9
    • DATA: 2005
    • standard oil pan capacity--(L):14
    6B6.7S cummins,cummins diesel parts 6B5.9 spare detail pump,water 4891252

    diesel parts

    6B5.9 cummins diesel rebuilt parts

    6B5.9 rebuilt parts

    cylinder block



    cylinder liner


    Piston pin

    cylinder head

    guide,valve stem


    valve insert

    valve spring


    main bearing

    bearing connecting rod

    Piston ring

    Camshaft bush

    nozzle,piston cooling

    Repair package

    Oil seal

    parts catalog

    repair manual



    fuel pump



    fuel filter

    lub oil fliter

    air fliter

    corrosion resistor



    quick-wear part,accessory drive of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    assembly parts,gear cover of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    machinery parts,float oil tank of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    repair parts,air starter of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    service parts,staring motor of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    maintenance parts,alternator of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    part,fan of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    parts,heat exchanger of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine

    spare,aftercooler of 6B6.7Scummins diesel engine


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